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The fertilizer the Greener Blade uses is of a much higher quality than most competing companies. We utilize a dry granular fertilizer, which is more effective than the inexpensive and less-reliable liquid fertilizer most commonly used by other lawn care companies. Applying a liquid-based fertilizer allows the other lawn companies to cut costs and skimp on quality. In fact, most of these companies put in significantly less effort and care by mixing their liquid-based fertilizer with herbicide. This process allows them to go over your lawn only a single time during each application. This imprecision can lead to unnecessary herbicide application because a given area of your yard may require only fertilizer; and therefore, can damage your lawn with excessive herbicide.

The Greener Blade’s dual fertilizer and herbicide treatment system involves individual applications of superior materials resulting in greater attention to detail, and an overall better looking and healthier lawn. This system reduces the use of excessive herbicide by utilizing a more meticulous “spot spraying” technique. Furthermore, the fertilizer we apply is considered “top of the line” and is packed with numerous micro-nutrients including substantial amounts of iron. Iron is what gives your lawn that nice deep green look, which is why we call ourselves “The Greener Blade.” Give us a call; your lawn will speak for itself.