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If you have an area that is extremely bare or you have a yard that you want to renovate, then slit-seeding is the way to do it. If you are undecided whether to seed or sod your yard, consider having your yard slit-seeded. Managing a seeded yard versus a sodded yard has many more advantages in the long-run. First of all, seeded yards have better drought tolerance than sodded yards. When sodding, you are introducing a different layer of soil on the sod roll than the natural soil already present in your yard. This creates a soil compatibility issue, making it extremely difficult for the roots to penetrate deep into the ground. Often, this can result in a shallower root system. A shallow root system present during the hotter months can cause the grass to burn out, and most likely cause portions of your lawn to die. A dying lawn is a dangerous environment where weeds can grow more consistently, and ultimately lead to an unhealthy looking yard.