Watering Tips

Proper watering is a very important factor in achieving a great looking lawn. Lawns with shallow root systems due to clay or sandy soil, new or poorly maintained sod, or lack of proper irrigation will not fare well in hot Minnesota summers. While the Greener Blade offers excellent services to keep your lawn emerald green, it is the combination of both our services and proper watering that keeps a lawn at its best! It is the homeowner’s responsibility to water according to the recommendations below.

Please ask about an Aeration program to help roots penetrate deeper in the ground. Aerations take place in the spring and fall.

Please also ask about wetting agent programs for your lawn. They help keep your lawn from “burning out.”

Watering recommendations for Spring/Early Summer
( May 1st - June 30th )

Turf with Full Sun (8-12 hrs/day)
Water 15-20 min/zone every other morning (4am-7am)

Turf with Partial Sun (4-8 hrs/day)
Water 10-15 min/zone every other morning (4am-7am)

Turf with Shade (less than 4 hrs of sun/day)
Water 5 min/zone every other morning (4am-7am)

Watering recommendations for the Summer
( July 1st - September Labor Day )

Full Sun ( 8-12 hrs/day)
Water 45min-1hr/zone every morning

Part sun (4-8 hrs)
Water 30-45min/zone every morning

Shade (less than 4 hrs of sun/day)
Water 15 min every other morning

*After Labor Day adjust back to spring recommendations*

Mowing recommendations

Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Sharpening your blades before the hot season will really help your grass stay green and keep the tips from browning out. This is because it cuts your grass cleanly without tearing or shredding the leaf tip. This can reduce grass’ surface area up to 4 times! This practice allows a minimal amount of water to escape from the plant, providing it with the opportunity to preserve its nutrients and its attractive deep green appearance.

Raise your mower height

Raise your mower deck so you mow your grass around 3 to 3.5 inches. The longer the better. Having longer grass allows it to retain more moisture reliving stress from the plant during the hot summer months. It’s not even a bad idea to mow every 10-14 days during the hotter months (if you don’t have irrigation) and try to time it right before or after rain to reduce stress on the plants. NEVER MOW DURING A HOT DAY! UNLESS YOU KEEP UP ON YOUR WATERING!


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